Climbing the DPS League Ladder – Part 1

Its been about 6 weeks since I returned to the Final Frontier in Star Trek Online, after nearly three years out of game, dealing with real life. For work, I normally drive two hours to work in the morning and two hours home, so it can be hard to have the mental capacity to play each night after 14 hours away from home. Fortunately I’ve been getting my gaming and Start Trek fix in a mobile game called Star Trek Fleet Command… but I digress.

Since the COVID-19 crisis forced me to work from home, I’ve been able to return to some of the things I used to enjoy. I updated Star Trek Online and started to take another look around again.

Where did I leave things?

Loading into system space around Earth Space Dock, the first thing I noticed was a huge number of new ships. It didn’t take long for me though to swing around the last vessel I had been playing with, the Universe Class Dreadnought Cruiser. Ever since that episode of Enterprise were Daniels and Archer went to the Battle of Procyon V, I had wanted to see more of this ship.

After admiring her for a few minutes I opened my inventory and started to inspect my load out.

I had been upgrading in the past but most of my stuff was Mark XIV and had varying rarity levels. Back in 2017, Antiproton weapons were great for DPS chasing and the Iconian 4 piece Deflector, Engine, Core, and Shield (DECS) set was what everyone wanted.

I figured if I was going to catch up I should baseline my current build and go from there…

Infected Space Advanced (ISA)

Confident that my build was good, I loaded up Infected: The Conduit on advanced setting, otherwise known as ISA, and waited for the Pop Up Group (PUG) to load. Infected is great for DPS calculation because often the group works together in a specific pattern to win the match:

  1. First, attacking the three Cubes in front of the gate
  2. Heading over to the left transformer and wiping out the smaller Nanite Generators
  3. Taking out the Nanite Transformer
  4. Head over to the right, mopping up any Borg in front of the gate as you go
  5. The right transformer is the same process, wiping out the smaller Nanite Generators…
  6. Taking out the Nanite Transformer
  7. Moving back to the middle and hitting both the Gate and the Tactical Cube.

The run didn’t go too bad, but my DPS was only 25k so I was disappointed. For reference below my build was a 8 beam broadside build, based on Antiproton with most of the gear being MK XIV and the Iconian set I had worked hard to acquire was not even Ultra Rare quality. I also had a strange setup of Bridge Officer and Duty Officer assignments, so I turned to Google and started hunting for DPS information, discovering lots of advice on Reddit.

The Advice of Reddit

Reading through the r/stobuilds subreddit, some ideas started becoming clear, but the ships and abilities used were all over the place and I really wanted a good build for my Enterprise J. So I posted my question to request build help. The advice of u/thisvideoiswrong was fantastic and detailed. The highlights of his advice are listed below and set me on my way:

  • With 6 Engineering Slots and no Specialisation Bridge Officer (BOFF) seating, run an Auxiliary to Battery build with three Technician Duty Officers (DOFF).
  • Get Emergency Power to Weapons 3 to handle weapon power drain and couple that with the starship trait Emergency Weapon Cycles
  • Slot in Emergency Power to Engines to improve mobility, couple that with the Emergency Conn Officer DOFF from the Phoenix Store so that Evasive Maneuvers can be triggered more often.
  • A sample engineering BOFF setup could be Engineering Team 1 (ET1), Auxiliary to Battery (A2B1), Emergency Power to Weapons 3 (EPtW3), Reverse Shield Polarity 3 (RSP3) on one BOFF and Emergency Power to Engines (EPtE1), Auxiliary to Battery (A2B1) on the other.
  • Beam: Fire at Will 3 (BFAW3) coupled with Attack Pattern Beta 1 (APB1) and slot the DOFF which allows for hull healing when hitting with APB active. This adds survivability.
  • Finally, change the Iconian set to a new Deflector, Engines, Core, Shields (DECS) set:
    • Fleet Colony Deflector (boosts crit)
    • Competitive rep engines (powerful mobility ability)
    • Fleet Plasma-Integrated warp core (best weapon power management)
    • Discovery rep shield (extra shield damage)

The next set of advice was based on ships I had historically acquired such as the Gagarin Class and the Tucker Class both of which are Miracle Worker ships with the specialisation BOFF slots. If I switched to one of those ships then good ability options include:

  • Override Subsystem Safeties
  • Mixed Armaments Synergy
  • Narrow Sensor Bands

Having so many Tactical slots allows for additional abilities like Distributed Targeting or Kemocite Laced Weaponry. This was coupled with the advice to add a mix of beams, torpedoes and cannons. The basic starship trait advice was to slot in:

  • Entwined Tactical Matrices
  • Emergency Weapons Cycle
  • Super Charged Weapons

Finally the last bit of advice is quoted below:

“The craftable batteries from the Beam school, Energy Amplifiers, are also very worthwhile, use those. And of course it has to be said that at this point Antiproton isn’t really a preferred damage type, Phaser, Disruptor, and Plasma have the best set bonuses, with Polaron not far behind, but switching would be expensive and probably not a big factor. Oh, and pick up the personal trait Context is for Kings from the Exchange if you can, that’s excellent for absolutely any build.”

What happened next?

I made the changes as suggested and headed back to ISA. Thanks for reading, in my next entry I’ll describe the results and changes I made next…