Ausmonauts to Celebrate 9th Anniversary on May 29th, 2020

When I first formed the Ausmonauts with Doull, Jirk, Pup and Shinji, 9 years ago this week, I would have never thought that nearly a decade later we would still be going.

It has been an interesting few years to say the least. We’ve seen people come and go, some have left to pursue other games, others have left to forge their own direction.

In all the turmoil, we’ve explored new universes and new games, fought off zombies or aliens, built grand cities or survived on harsh alien planets.

We have met some fantastic new friends along the way and continue to enjoy a community of gamers who understand that there is more out there than can be offered in just one game.

Occasionally we return to our roots by journeying back into the final frontier…

So this Friday, the 29th of May, 2020, the Ausmonauts Celebrate our 9th Anniversary in Star Trek Online. Join us for a night of Task Force Operations using Tier 1 ships!

Just like the good old days, when we defeated Crystalline Entity before the revamp or Infected Advanced using Tier 1 ships.

  • We will start from around 8PM AEST.
  • We will be recording the event to post on the Ausmonauts YouTube channel
  • Please log in to the game and get your ships ready prior to the event.
  • A list of Tier 1 ships can be found here: Tier 1 Ships
  • We will be using discord for the voice comms and you can join us via this link: Join us on Discord!

You can also find us on Youtube here.