Welcome back Captains!

Firstly, let me apologise for the time it has taken to return the Ausmonauts™ website back online. Real life for many of us has been hectic over the past several months and I’m no exception.

With recent holidays and a fresh set of eyes, I was able to sit down and figure out exactly what to do with the 2020 version of the Ausmonauts™ website. Suffice it to say the ideas did not flow easily this time. In previous years, I’ve tried to add all sorts of functionality that ended up not being used. This time we will start with the basics, but what does the latest version of the website do and why should you care?

Let’s run through the functions below:

  1. Cleaner and simpler design
  2. Faster response and load times
  3. Better security behind the scenes
  4. The return of the discord widget
  5. A focus on blogs, news and stories
  6. Better ability for members to add ad manage their own stories
  7. Better compliance with applicable laws in Australia
  8. A solid platform to build new functionality on

This is the first release, and initially I’m focusing on making sure all users can register and login again. There will be more updates over the months that will add new features for various games and you can use the contact us form to submit your ideas for what we can add.

Welcome back Captains and see you around the multiverse.


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